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Internet Marketing and Domain Name Management Solutions
The Omnicorp
The Omnicorp is an online marketing company that was established in June of 2005.  Online marketers  that utilize website advertising, internet marketing solutions, website reseller programs, white label websites and affiliate programs by providing product referrals through strategic partnerships with key online businesses; which bring to market, the products that online consumers desire to purchase.  Our internet marketing campaigns are solutions that sell to the consumer and enable a positive shopping influence.  Reaching consumers by Online Advertising, Web Search Optimization, and Link Partnerships.
Our goal is to utilize the power of the internet and strategic business partners for obtaining and achieving niche marketing solutions for positive returns on invested capital.
"Omni" is the terminology and meaning of the word "All".  "Corp" signifies the meaning of a Corporation and Business.  The Omnicorp is the parent company that manages several smaller entities - as website properties or virtual real estate (domain names).

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